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Strategic communication

Messaging requires a strategic collection of outreach strategies that help institutions break through the clutter of today’s digital world. South of Sunrise Creative cuts through the noise with creative messaging that is backed by advanced levels of planning and research. Services provided by SOSC included work in marketing, advertising, public relations, and printing and publication.


Work services includes: social media management, photography/video production, graphic and web design, brand management, press relations, administrative reporting, and traditional messaging through radio, television, and print. Work can be tailored to meet internal and external communication goals.

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South of Sunrise Creative. Herizon. Marketing.

SOSC specializes in branding campaigns. The "It Begins From Within" campaign developed for Navajo Technical University spoke to the inner drive of NTU students, but also the university's mission of locally based education and development.

Marketing is simply the action or business of promoting and selling products or services. It is a cyclical process that is based in continuous improvement in order to identify, anticipate, and address need. Marketing research is at the heart of the process, which helps identify everything from price points to methods used to promote a product or service. The long-term goal of any marketing effort is to develop and identify a brand that can be easily communicated to mass audiences, yet operate on an intimate level emphasizing consumer interaction. 


South of Sunrise Creative specializes in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing. Services offered to institutions include: marketing plan development, market research, and back end marketing work that includes advertising, public relations, event planning, and more.

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South of Sunrise Creative. Herizon. Advertising.

SOSC takes a strategic approach to advertising utilizing data and research to craft unique messaging. 

Advertising is paid media, therefore, it's essential messaging reaches its intended audience to maximize what is purchased. Traditional advertising utilizes crafty messaging around radio, television, and print, but as the world has turned digital, advertising has expanded online. Online advertising brings the benefit of better data tracking, but it must compliment traditional strategies and other marketing and public relations efforts.


South of Sunrise Creative provides advertising services that include account management, copywriting, art direction, photography, graphic design, illustration, and new media production.

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South of Sunrise Creative. Herizon. Advertising.

A print ad created for the Rug Auction of Crownpoint branded under NM True.

Public relations

South of Sunrise Creative works with institutions to sustain interactions with a broad range of media outlets to disseminate information to the general public. PR work includes generating press releases, writing web content, and managing internal communication. Other targeted services provided by SOSC includes:


Social Media - Services include social media strategy, content development, analytics and monitoring, and reporting. Additional offerings include social media plan development, social media training, and live steam broadcasting.

Event Planning - SOSC has experience planning and coordinating events that bring layered benefit to institutions. When strategically designed, events have the opportunity to not only engage communities of interest, but also providing space for classroom learning to be applied in real-world situations. 

South of Sunrise Creative. Herizon. Public Relations.
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SOSC helped plan the first branded Maker Faire on the Navajo Nation with the Diné Maker Nation Faire.

Printing and Publication

Desktop publishing is special skill set of South of Sunrise Creative that allows for customized printing and publication services. From annual reports to banners to information packets, SOSC is able to design for all purposes. Design work is done in-house. Printing and fulfillment is outsourced through a partner. Print options vary to address budgets. SOSC provides mentorship and training to aspiring authors wanting to self-publish children's books.

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