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It’s important to organize institutional objectives in a manner that allows for evaluation and assessment. Doing so provides opportunity for continuous improvement while fulfilling an institution's mission and goals. Planning develops a roadmap for institutions to follow while building capacity for sustainable success. 


South of Sunrise Creative’s institutional planning services include, but are not limited to, the services below:

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Institutions must develop a clear understanding of what their goals are and how they will achieve each. Strategic planning helps institutions make fundamental decisions and actions that relate to each goal. This contributes to a cohesive movement that involves internal and external stakeholders. South of Sunrise Creative provides facilitation services to help develop strategic plans and assess effectiveness. Work is done to maximize collaboration and to involve as many voices in the process as possible. Approaching the plan in this manner allows institutions to save time and resources in the long-term while improving work results.


Since strategic planning is cyclical, South of Sunrise Creative works with institutions on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly schedule. Inquire about custom services. 


Strategic planning services includes planning, outreach, facilitation, plan development, and reporting.

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South of Sunrise Creative provides cultural sensitivity training for new personnel to the Navajo Nation. The training builds awareness of Navajo cultural norms to help employees become more culturally responsible and equipped to create a more welcoming environment. Culturally responsive systems are key to improving outcome.


The cultural sensitivity training utilizes two books authored by Daniel Vandever to introduce new staff to Navajo history, culture, customs, traditions, and language. Institutions are encouraged to purchase both books to be used as a framework for training. Expected outcomes include authentic conversations and shared cultural values. Trainings are intended to promote trust and respect. 

South of Sunrise Creative. Herizon. Cultural Sensitivity Training

Fall in Line, Holden and Herizon are used in trainings to develop culturally responsive employees.

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It’s important for institutions to diversify their funding streams. South of Sunrise Creative can assist in developing fundraising campaigns for large and small donors. Each campaign can be customized to specific audiences, including individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, and/or state, federal, and tribal agencies.


SOSC specializes in grant writing as a form of fundraising. Services extend from analysis, data coordinating, writing, formatting, and revising/editing. An institution must be committed to fulfilling the grant in order for services to be agreed upon.

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South of Sunrise Creative. Herizon. Program Evaluation.

Co-curricular design and evaluation is a specialty of SOSC.

Program evaluation helps assure that institutions are fulfilling obligations set forth by accrediting agencies, funders, and other entities that provide oversight. This work can be done at three levels: (1) General Education Goals assessment, (2) Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) assessment, and (3) Student Learning Outcome (SLO) assessment. Click on the link below to schedule an initial consultation. 

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