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South of Sunrise Creative provides enrollment management consultation with a focus on recruitment, onboarding, financial aid, and retention services. Completion, persistence, and attrition rates are becoming heavily scrutinized by accrediting agencies so institutions must maintain steady enrollment while graduating students in a timely manner. From onboarding to commencement, SOSC provides institutions strategies that graduate students within 150% and build lasting relations rooted in community-based education.

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South of Sunrise Creative. Herizon. Recruiting Support.

SOSC provides photography services to provide images in promotional materials.

South of Sunrise Creative designs promotional materials to supplement recruitment efforts. Materials support both in-person and digital recruiting environments and involve a tracking method to determine effectiveness and improve process. Recruiting support includes designed interactions for recruiters in settings that include conference vending and classroom presentations. Event planning is an added service to support recruiting with experience in sponsorship acquisition. 

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South of Sunrise Creative. Herizon. Onboarding Support.

Onboarding solutions mindful of COVID-19 is a customized package offered by SOSC.

Admissions and advising is an important step in the education process as it provides students their first interaction with an institution. Special programs like First Year Experience provide benefit to institutions, but they must be designed in a manner that promotes access and equity. South of Sunrise Creative designs onboarding programs for targeted audiences, such as first generation and low-income scholars, that help with the transition to college life.

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Financing an education is one of the biggest barriers to prospective students in obtaining a degree. As a result, many students turn to loans and other means to pay for tuition, books, and housing at a price of high interest rates and long term agreements that bind students to debt. South of Sunrise Creative provides financial aid guidance by identifying funding sources and providing application support. Event planning around financial aid resources is a service SOSC provides.

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It’s important for institutions to recruit new students and retain them once they’ve enrolled. Retention is often viewed as a semester to semester, year to year initiative, but South of Sunrise Creative approaches it as a day-to-day task. Doing so places a higher value on the student experience. Greater student engagement correlates to higher GPA, a greater affinity for the institution, and higher persistence. Retention support provided by SOSC includes: policy review, co-curricular design, and student services support.

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