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Herizon was created with community in mind. Whether your community is a classroom, a neighborhood, or an entire nation, Herizon is intended to foster discussion around topics that include intergenerational strength, female empowerment, and creativity. Where dialogue happens, change happens.

Author Daniel Vandever has given over 65 book presentations and readings over the past four years to schools, libraries, museums, and conferences. The presentations are customized for each venue and audience; however, each speak to the importance of voice and identity. Contact SOSC today for information on booking.


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South of Sunrise Creative. Herizon. Media Packet.

Are you interested in sharing information about Herizon to book influencers within your community? South of Sunrise Creative has provided an informational packet about author Daniel Vandever and Herizon. Details on why the book was written are provided in the packet as well as background information about Vandever and his debut book Fall in Line, Holden! 


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South of Sunrise Creative. Herizon. Presentation.


Tribal schools in the Four Corners region are offered free of charge, although stipends are appreciated. Rates for all other schools are detailed below.


One hour program: $500 + travel

Two hour program: $900 + travel

Three hour program: $1,500 + travel

Note: Districts can coordinate visits to multiple schools at a combined rate. 

Daniel Vandever lives in Grants, NM of the Four Corners region of the American Southwest and primarily gives readings in the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. Vandever has given over 40 readings in settings that include  K-12 schools, college and universities, museums, trade conferences,  and libraries. Vandever's different presentations are based on setting and include:


1. Classroom - A one hour presentation and reading suitable for grades 1-4


Classroom visits are adaptable; however, a projector/smart board is preferred for the presentation. Vandever goes into his family history and how he came to write books. He provides interactive readings of Fall in Line, Holden! and Herizon.


2. Assembly - A one hour presentation and reading suitable for grades 1-7.


Assembly presentations are structured similar to classroom presentations but require a microphone and a podium. More time is allocated for a Q & A session and interaction with students.


3. Community - A one hour presentation for high school students and older


In addition to the presentation designed for elementary school students, more focused presentations for adults are available. Presentation for both Fall in Line, Holden! and Herizon are available with discussion on topics that include boarding school education, the Navajo Code Talkers, and weaving. 


4. Zoom - A 45 minute presentation and reading that is budget friendly. The presentation is 30 minutes with a 15 Q&A session. This session is available at a rate of $150.

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SOSC is hosting a competition putting  words to a wordless book. The competition is open to everyone, but will have special consideration for submissions written in a language other than English. Click on the image below for more information about the Nihizaad, Nihidzill competition.

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