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Data analytics and reporting

South of Sunrise Creative. Herizon. Data Analytics and Reporting.

SOSC specializes in administrative documents like annual reports.

South of Sunrise Creative works with institutions to utilize data, analytics, information, and evidence to make decisions and take actions that benefits students. SOSC follows a student-focused paradigm committed to inclusion and expanding the definition of decision makers to include students, faculty, and staff. Data sharing is a unique specialty of SOSC.

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Assessment takes place across all learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom. Ongoing improvement should be informed by assessment findings. South of Sunrise Creative helps institutions determine if they are fulfilling all parts of its mission. Services include: learning design, implementation, assessment, interpretation of findings, and recommending improvements. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are afforded special attention within the assessment process.


SOSC assessment work is done at three levels: (1) General Education Goals assessment, (2) Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) assessment, and (3) Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) assessment. Assessment measures are determined on a case-by-case basis with grants.

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To get to the heart of any issue, dialogue must take place among stakeholders to understand all angles of a problem. South of Sunrise Creative facilitates dialogue for institutions in an open environment involving conversation, activities, and system interaction. SOSC takes a community-based approach to facilitation that involves research, organizing, and extensive outreach to include as many voices as possible.

SOSC has conducted and assisted with facilitations for the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, Navajo Technical University, and the Tribal College Journal. 

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data visualization

Data is a valuable asset to institutions, but can remain stagnant if not properly communicated. In order to maximize data’s value, it must be relayed across an entire institution and in a manner that is easily understood. Otherwise, value can be lost in complexities of numbers and charts. South of Sunrise Creative helps organize and communicate data through creative graphic works and presentations. Data visualization is valuable in effective reporting of complex findings.

South of Sunrise Creative. Herizon. Data Visualization.
South of Sunrise Creative. Herizon. Data Visualization.
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institutional reporting

Stakeholders need access to information to support decision making, including funding institutions. South of Sunrise Creative works with organizations to build a culture of evidence that leaders, educators, collaborators, and coaches can reference. Materials produced are done in collaboration with administrators and data offices. Schedule an initial consultation by clicking on the link below.

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